Recommended Editions

Below you will find lists of recommended editions of primary texts. In the case of translated texts, the translators of the editions selected for inclusion sought to render the text as consistently and accurately as possible. For instance, they will have sought to translate important terms or families of terms using English equivalents, or to maintain the order of various lists, etc. (Unless there is only one translation available, then it was chosen out of necessity.) For English language originals, the editions were selected with an eye to the utility of the editorial apparatus. These lists are a work in progress. Where an appropriate edition has yet to be identified, you will only find the title listed. You are invited to bring to our attention any edition you think ought to be included using our contact page. Note: a commission is earned on every sale using the Amazon affiliate links below.




  • Xenophon. Agesilaus. Robert C. Bartlett. 9781501718502.
  • Xenophon. Apology of Socrates to the Jury. Thomas L. Pangle. 9780801472985.
  • Xenophon. Hiero, or Tyrannicus. Marvin Kendrick, revised by Seth Benardete. 9780226030135.
  • Xenophon. Hiero, or The Skilled Tyrant. David O’Connor. 9781501718502.
  • Xenophon. Memorabilia. Amy L. Bonnette. 9780801481710.
  • Xenophon. Oeconomicus. Carnes Lord. 9780801472985.
  • Xenophon. On Horsemanship. Amy L. Bonnette. 9781501718502.
  • Xenophon. Regime of the Athenians. Gregory McBrayer. 9781501718502.
  • Xenophon. Regime of the Lacedaemonians. Catherine S. Kuiper and Susan D. Collins. 9781501718502.
  • Xenophon. Symposium. Robert C. Bartlett. 9780801472985.
  • Xenophon. The Anabasis of Cyrus. Wayne Ambler. 9780801489990.
  • Xenophon. The Education of Cyrus. Wayne Ambler. 9780801487507.
  • Xenophon. The One Skilled at Hunting with Dogs. Michael Ehrmantraut. 9781501718502.
  • Xenophon. The Skilled Cavalry Commander. Wayne Ambler. 9781501718502.

Niccolò Machiavelli

  • Machiavelli. Art of War. Christopher Lynch. 9780226500461.
  • Machiavelli. The Chief Works and Others, vol. 1. Allan Gilbert. 9780822309451.
  • Machiavelli. The Chief Works and Others, vol. 2. Allan Gilbert. 9780822309468.
  • Machiavelli. The Chief Works and Others, vol. 3. Allan Gilbert. 9780822309475.
  • Machiavelli. Clizia. Daniel T. Gallagher. 9780881339024.
  • Machiavelli. Discourses on Livy. Harvey C. Mansfield and Nathan Tarcov. 9780226500362.
  • Machiavelli. Florentine Histories. Laura F. Banfield and Harvey C. Mansfield. 9780691008639.
  • Machiavelli. The Letters of Machiavelli. Allan Gilbert. 9780226500416.
  • Machiavelli. Mandragola. Mera J. Flaumenhaft. 9780917974571.
  • Machiavelli. The Prince. Angelo M. Codevilla. 9780300064032.
  • Machiavelli. The Prince. Harvey C. Mansfield. 9780226500447.
  • Machiavelli. Selected Political Writings. David Wooton. 9780872202474.

Francis Bacon

Friedrich Nietzsche

  • Nietzsche. The Antichrist. Walter Kaufmann. 9780140150629.
  • Nietzsche. Beyond Good and Evil. Walter Kaufmann. 9780679783398.
  • Nietzsche. The Birth of Tragedy. Walter Kaufmann. 9780679783398.
  • Nietzsche. The Case of Wagner. Walter Kaufmann. 9780679783398.
  • Nietzsche. Daybreak. R. J. Hollingdale. 9780521599634.
  • Nietzsche. Ecce Homo. Walter Kaufmann. 9780679783398.
  • Nietzsche. The Gay Science. Walter Kaufmann. 9780394719856.
  • Nietzsche. On the Genealogy of Morals. Walter Kaufmann. 9780679783398.
  • Nietzsche. Human, All Too Human. R. J. Hollingdale. 9780521567046.
  • Nietzsche. Nietzsche Contra Wagner. Walter Kaufmann. 9780140150629.
  • Nietzsche. Philosophy in the Tragic Age of the Greeks. Marianne Cowan. 9780895267108.
  • Nietzsche. Thus Spoke Zarathustra. Walter Kaufmann. 9780140150629.
  • Nietzsche. On Truth and Lies in a Nonmoral Sense. Walter Kaufmann. 9780140150629.
  • Nietzsche. Twilight of the Idols. Alex Priou. Available here.
  • Nietzsche. Twilight of the Idols. Walter Kaufmann. 9780140150629.
  • Nietzsche. Untimely Meditations. R. J. Hollingdale. 9780521585842.
  • Nietzsche. The Will to Power. R. J. Hollingdale and Walter Kaufmann. 9780394704371.
  • Nietzsche. Dithyrambs of Dionysus. R. J. Hollingdale. 9780856461200.
  • Nietzsche. Homer and Classical Philology. J. M. Kennedy. 9781297646713.
  • Nietzsche. On the Future of Our Educational Institutions. Michael W. Grenke. 9781587316012.
  • Nietzsche. Prefaces to Unwritten Works. Michael W. Grenke, Matthew K. Davis, and Lise van Boxel. 9781587316333.
  • Nietzsche. The Pre-Platonic Philosophers. Greg Whitlock. 9780252074035.
  • Nietzsche. Selected Letters of Friedrich Nietzsche. Christopher Middleton. 9780872203587.
  • Nietzsche. Letters. Walter Kaufmann. 9780140150629.

Leo Strauss